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Nicole's Return
April 01, 05:42 PM

Ok, so I have to say, I was SO thrilled to hear Megan’s name mentioned on BL last night. Dave and I tivoed back to listen to Ali V announce her birth like 3 times.

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I’m so cheesy like that. But … on to the show:

It was weird watching it because while I’d heard what had happened during the week, I wasn’t there for stuff I’m normally there for! I was so sad not to get to see David and Estella. I thought Ali V did such a great job with everything, and it was so appropriate since she’d been a ‘return’ herself. And um, can I just say ‘wow!’ doesn’t she look AMAZING?!!! Nicole & Estella both looked fantastic as well. It was so wonderful to see how well they’ve both done at home, and hopefully David took the moment as Ali suggested, as a wake-up call. To not look back, but move forward from there. We’ll see at the finale (which is just weeks away! Omg!) Also, I must mention Michelle too. She seemed so happy and looked beautiful. What a crazy challenge. Whoa!

Days is going on hiatus for the next two weeks. We’ve been pre-taping all these May sweeps scenes getting ready for the time off. Yowsers! I hope you all have your dvr’s set cause it’s really good stuff. I was watching the air show yesterday, I thought James and Joe did such an amazing job with the Tony scenes. Ari and I were talking today about that scene where Sami tells EJ (et al) that she is adopting a baby. We were both saying that those scenes totally caught us off guard, we read it one way, and then when we were out there, doing the scenes, we were both so affected by each other and James that they came out totally different. I watched them and had to tell her she was so great in those scenes! I mean fantastic, right?! I love working with her. We have so much fun together, when we were doing the comic stuff, as well as the serious intense stuff we’ve been doing lately. I was so happy to work with Bry again. I was so happy to work with Bry again. I miss him since we don’t work together all the time now. How funny was the line Will had about not getting his dad’s sense of humor? Cause I think Sami (& I) see such similarities between Will & Lucas, their humor and the way they handle Sami’s …sami-ness… so it was fun to play that moment.


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