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Apr 1 2009, 04:12 PM
Apr 1 2009, 02:51 PM
Apr 1 2009, 02:48 PM

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There will always be speculation about what Rafe is all about. But the number one complaint I have seen about Rafe is that he is BORING! The problem is after 6 months we know nothing about Rafe - nothing! He has been Sami's sidekick and not much else - come on folks you can love Galen - After six months this is what we know about Rafe, he was an FBI agent who was raised by nuns and that's it! Rafe is so underdeveloped as a character it is pathetic. The speculation about Rafe being this or that is at least interesting compared to the actual character IMO!

Seriously - what is his appeal? That he is a nice guy with good looks??? Well that description can fit any male extra on the show! What makes him interesting?

I know many will say that he saved Sami .... well big deal - the guy was her body guard he got paid to do that and he did it rather poorly! In fact instead of getting an award from the FBI he got FIRED!
I'm with you cj!! And for the record YES I'm an EJAMI fan and NO I don't think that Rafe is some sort of sinister person. He's not interesting enough!! He's just plain boring and as far as GG goes, I'm sure he's a great guy, but his acting is just so-so. I'll give ya one to use for the next post I think Rafe is Ray Romano looking for a day job!! :P That's who he reminds me of. There is just no "spark" there in my opinion. And that's what it all boils down to.........our OPINIONS. None of us have a crystal ball to see what's going to happen. We all have our people we "like" together and clearly the above mentioned is a "safe" fan. My opinion of the character of Rafe isn't even based on "my dislike" for him........it's that he draws NOTHING out of me....no reaction......he's just there. I haven't seen his character have any chemistry with ANYONE yet, most of all Sami. JMO
I can tell you that I never watched Passions etc. But the appeal of Rafe is - there is no rape, torture baggage with Sami and therefore the potential for something new rather that the boring lumi/ejami merry go round. What make's Rafe interesting is that there is still a past to be discovered....I think part of why ejami's in particular are so keen to find out is so that they might have something grounded in actual 'evidence' to attack the character with rather that all the speculation there has been about him. Many were hoping he was her brother at the begining and saying he'd make a great friend, hoping he was Roman's son and in effect killing the chance of any Safe pairing.

Most of the fans of the show are female - so a good man - and that is what Rafe has been portrayed as being kind and supportive to Sami to date in comparison to the other 2 men in her recent past - is attractive, it's the fairytale. But give the writers time they may eventually balance the score of disgusting hateful things in the Safe relationship to match ejami but I think it's a long ways off and there is always the chance they will never mess up the Safe story as badly as they have with the lumi/ejami ones. imo

And as far as boring and dull? for me that is them wasting air time putting Sami and EJ in the same scenes to talk about nothing in particular that leads nowhere - how many scenes have they been in since she's been out of WPP and how far has their story progressed? EJ is still TOTALLY in the dark about Grace and oblivious to her existence. Call Safe boring? at least WPP is over, he has come to Salem, they have been discussing getting Grace to Salem, they have admitted caring for each other, We know there is a past involving a woman and some drama to be discovered, Rafe is now Grace's Godfather, Grace is in Salem...it may be slow moving but at least it is moving :lol: .. Can you say the same for the ejami storyline?
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