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Apr 2 2009, 07:44 AM
Apr 1 2009, 11:42 PM
Apr 1 2009, 10:35 PM
And as far as boring and dull? for me that is them wasting air time putting Sami and EJ in the same scenes to talk about nothing in particular that leads nowhere - how many scenes have they been in since she's been out of WPP and how far has their story progressed? EJ is still TOTALLY in the dark about Grace and oblivious to her existence. Call Safe boring? at least WPP is over, he has come to Salem, they have been discussing getting Grace to Salem, they have admitted caring for each other, We know there is a past involving a woman and some drama to be discovered, Rafe is now Grace's Godfather, Grace is in Salem...it may be slow moving but at least it is moving :lol: .. Can you say the same for the ejami storyline?
Ummm, actually yeah I can.............who is the focus on all this going on???? When Sami & Rafe kissed who was the camera focused on???? That would be EJ. The only chemistry showing on screen between any of those you mentioned (Lucas, Rafe, Sami, EJ) is between EJ and Sami. The WHOLE focus is on them and about their reactions to the situations... EJ's reaction to Sami saying apart of her will always love him, EJ's reaction to Sami kissing Rafe, Sami's & EJ's discussion about the profound effect each other has had on the other's life..., Sami's reaction to EJ's trying to protect her from someone trying to take Grace away from her, etc. We will continue to see THEIR reactions to one another........The spoilers continue to focus on EJ and Sami's reactions to one another. The focus on all this.......Nicole and her plots to keep Sidney's parentage a secret to Sami trying to justify keeping EJ in the dark all go back to EJ and Sami and their feelings for one another. Who are the two people who are constantly being kept apart by their own or other's mechanisms???? EJ and Sami.

I'm sorry, but I can't see it as any other story but EJ and Sami. They are the "root for" couple. They are the ones torn apart by lies and deceit. If what I'm saying is true, we will start to see Sami feel like she made a mistake in keeping EJ in the dark about their baby. She will start to slowly realize that she is in love with him. Rafe will slowly become the interloper and try to steer Sami away from EJ. That's the story I'm seeing unfolding. Albeit, not without flaws. We don't have the cream of the crop when it comes to writers that's for sure, but give or take some back steps with the story, that's what's been going on since Aug 2008. Actually if you want to be technical, since Feb 2008 when the scene of Santeen intertwined with EJAMI. That's the story and I'm sticking to it...............flaws and all.
Great post! :cheers:

I couldn't agree more. It's undeniable that EJami are the focus of this story. Sami has made a ridiculously stupid mistake in not telling EJ about their baby, but they've written in motivation, and continue to drive home, why she has been afraid to do so. And they are both victims of the deception Nicole has pulled and continues to manipulate them with. As a EJami fan I can't tell you how much I wish they had gone a different direction - but they didn't, so here we are. Dena made comments last Fall that the EJami fans should hold on - and it remains clear to me that this story is building to an eventual EJami pairing. We're no where close to there yet, and once Nicole is out of the way Rafe will have to be dealt with. But I do believe it will happen - and I feel the character of Rafe will wind up with a broken heart. I don't think it is accidental that the baby he is bonding with so closely is not the one that EJ and Sami will wind up sharing and raising...together. Of course, that's just my speculation - but all the signs I see are leading us there.
I think the reason that Dena wrote this story this way was because of Ali's pregnancy. I don't think that the character of Rafe was well developed because it was not the way the story was orignally planned out. Here Ali is pregnant and taping two shows - the solution was to isolate her so she could tape in advance and they brought in this safe house/body guard storyline that woud allow for Sami not to interact with the characters who were taping at a different pace. The problem is that Dena never felt the need yet to develop this Rafe character. It's hard for me as a reader to get exited about a character that was introduced back in chapter 1 and by charpter 6 we still know nothing about the character. It gets a big who cares at this point. I think that is why people are speculative because the writers have given us nothing. I think that's why many of us think he's BORING. The writers IMO have not even created a sense of a great mystery here either. The other thing is that from the get go he has been tied to Sami - So is this going to be another Male character tied to the hip of Sami? Again how utterly Boring. At least in the case of EJ - the character was well developed, he had mystery at the beginning, he went thru stages of bad, good and everything inbetween, he was not tied to the Sami's character and had relationships with so many great characters from the get go. And for me those who say I like him because he's not EJ is not much of a ringing endorsement - that suggest that you don't have any concrete reason to like him based on this character and what this character has brought to this story. An anti-EJ reason is short sighted IMO.
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