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Apr 1 2009, 06:23 PM
I enjoy these three and In really don't see the big deal concerning Melanie's age. For me, she acts older then she is and this show has done this before. Remember Sami and Austin? He was much older then her yet they played a triangle with them and Carrie. What about Bo and Hope? Bo looked much older then Hope and was written as older. It happens.
And I found Sami being in a triangle with Austin and Carrie unconvincing then too. I no more saw why Austin would have any interest in Sami than I see why Philip has any interest in Melanie.

And as for Melanie acting older than her age of 18 (which the show has clearly established) . . . haven't you been one of the ones claiming recently that the show WASN'T trying to play her off as mature, lol? I thought you were praising the fact that she got outplayed by Tony and EJ and that she realized she was just a kid trying to play a grownup's game, and that the show wasn't trying to pretend she was some sexy adult vixen type who all the men melt over. If that wasn't you, then I apologize.

Regardless of an actual age difference though, I still don't see why Philip Kiriakis, who is loaded and hot and has way more life experience, would waste his time with Melanie. If he wants a beautiful younger woman, Stephanie fits the bill a lot better than Melanie. But I guess if he wants an obnoxious teenager who thinks she's smarter than she is and isn't particularly pretty, then it explains the Melanie attraction.
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