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Apr 1 2009, 10:05 PM
Apr 1 2009, 06:17 PM
All I will say is I have no problem with Brady and Melanie, just like I didn't have a problem with Philip and Melanie. Older girls date younger guys and older guys date younger girls. It happens. Bo looked so much older then Hope when they got together. I have no issue with it. Besides, for all we know, Melanie may kiss Brady just to make Philip jealous. I don't think they are going to try to sell people on them, not when they are building up Brady and Nicole. Just look at the spoilers with Brady telling Nicole he loves her. I wouldn't worry about Brady and Melanie.

I wonder what kind of accident is alluded to in the Kate/Chloe spoiler? Good to see Maggie getting more involved again in the next few weeks.
Brady and Melanie?? I like both of them very much but I just don't know about that 'pairing' but it will be nice seeing Brady get romantic with someone...has he at all since he's been back?? IA that this will make Philip completely jealous..after-all, that's the way he rolls.

I wonder if Maggie offers Chloe a job singing at Chez Rouge..keeping her away from Vancouver.
Maybe we will see Daniel pining away more and more for her as he watches her sing from afar. :soapbox:

Poor Daniel and Brady. :shame: Maybe they would make a nice couple, as noted on the NBC message boards...Dandy - here we come!!
Brady & Daniel..as long as its romantic, I'll take it :biggrin: Some love in the afternoon would be a nice change from the last month's angst.

Seriously, I fully expect to see Chloe & Daniel long for each other for a few more months while her marriage to Lucas starts to crumble. I doubt he's going to approve of the Vancouver job, not when they can work together on a talk show :lol:

Melanie and Brady, he is hot and the spoilers don't say he's into the kiss...maybe she's just desperate for a rich guy to make Philip jealous? I don't have a problem with the age gap, but please don't waste Brady on Melanie.
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