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We're sure no one is surprised that one bad guy came out on top when we asked for your favorite Stefano DiMera. He's the baddest of the bad, but there are plenty of other contenders. Who were your fellow viewers' favorite bad guys (and gals)? Find out with the Featured Contributor.


Stefano because he is pure EVIL. Chris from Willcox, AZ

Stefano DiMera. He has a ton of power that he can use. If he needs anything done, it's there at a snap of a finger. Now, that's power you can't buy. And, personally, he has stolen my heart with his good looks and accent. Haley Estes from Tennessee

Who else, Stefano DiMera! I love Stefano so much I even named a car after him, so it would "never die!" This guy keeps coming back stronger and better than ever. I love the family man he has recently become. Stefano has always been a mean guy, but now he has an agenda and I like that! But Salem better not get too comfy with the new and improved Stefano, I am sure he has something up his sleeve! Tara Tifft from Portage, MI

Stefano DiMera. He is very smart as a business man that does what is needed to get the job done but he is so passionate about his family and wanting the best for them. He may not always do it the "right way" but you know that he'll go above and beyond for family. Besides being a "bad boy with an exotic handsomeness", deep down I think he is a romantic at heart. It's nice to see a big bad wolf melt at the sight of his grandkids. I mean, remember when he was strolling with little Johnny and talking about family?...that was priceless. Malena Wilson from Olive Branch, MS

Always Stefano, I grew up with Stefano, all these years I have been an avid Days fan, since it's inception in 1965, and when Stefano leaves Days it just isn't the same, then when he comes back POW! My favorite line always IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK., Bob Benedetto from Brooklyn NY

The best "ba\" guy is Stefano, of course. He has charisma, is traditionally proud of family, has lots of money made by nefarious deeds, but has never been caught doing anything bad by the cops. They keep trying, but he outsmarts them every time! A Days without Stefano is like cake without chocolate frosting!! Marimba41 from Springfield, Oregon

I too, like many, would have to go with Stefano DiMera. It seems no matter where he is, bad things are sure to follow. I love how he just makes his fellow Salemites squirm in their seats when he shows up. Stefano will always be my favorite bad guy on Days. He is true to the DiMera name. As they say... The Phoenix will rise again, and again, and again. Angela Tompkins from Lindsay, Oklahoma


Victor. Because Victor really isn't bad...he just likes to act that way...he is a Teddy Bear and would do anything for his family and friends. Gotta Love him... Carolyn from Allen, TX.

I Love Victor!! He just tells is the way it is and doesn't sugar coat anything. I love it!!! Jessie Reiss from Tionesta, PA

Victor! How can you not love to hate him?!?! He is the most entertaining character on the show -- one minute he is lucid and impressing us with his business savvy and the next he is a sarcastic, crass stick-in-the mud! The writers have done a fine job with Victor Kiriakis! Thank you for writing lines that sting- it's one of the ways I can get my husband to stay tuned! Suzannah Zachos from Columbia, MD

Hmm, which one...decisions, decisions. Stefano might be an obvious choice, but, I like Victor. He is smart and witty. He does his dirty work on the down low. He always has those nasty, yet smarty pants comments that I absolutely love about him. Mr. K has that debonair side of him, like you almost HAVE to respect him. He is lovable and vicious at the same time. Like a cat ready to pounce without warning. He is cool, calm and collected. I just love Vic!!!! Linda B. from Sterling Heights, MI


You know Stefano is corrupt, and though EJ tries to lean on the right side of the law, the DiMera in him is bound to make an appearance or two. There is one character that begs you to question his motives consistently, and wonder... and that is Phillip Kiriakis. He is a good man, you know that, but then he does something to make you wonder. He seems to have escaped his father's attitude of nonchalance for repercussions, but his latest behavior to keep Melanie's fuel project with Titan has brought out a new side in him. His relationship with Stephanie complicates it all and you root for him. It is a great character that evokes the classic love him/hate him feelings in DOOL fans. Tiffany from Santa Clarita, CA

Philip, because he is one of the few characters who can be bad one minute and then make you love him the next. He's full of surprises. You always wonder: will Philip be the good or the bad guy today? Kayla from Covington, VA


I think EJ DiMera is my favorite. He can be very adorable, sweet, loving, romantic, sympathetic, & charming, yet, ruthless, conniving, hateful, unaffectionate, disagreeable, controlling, & unmerciful whether he's with Nicole, Melanie, or Sammie. He\'s kinda got a multiple personality going on. One minute he will be just adorable & the next minute who knows what. I think he wants to prove that he can be a good person, however, he is the son of Stephano DiMero & has to answer to dadddy-o. Dilana from Victoria, TX

EJ possesses a debonair Jekyll Hyde type persona. His character is emotionally and passionately driven. He has a way of attracting you to his young boy innocence, Sweetness and caring loyalty emerges and then watch out as the tall brit in the tailored suit becomes calculating and cunning when he is crossed. There is never a dull moment with his story line, and the flattering Dimera Father Son duo is a hit in my book! The dark Dimera Duo is getting more interesting on Days! Diane Chilson from Seminole, Texas

My favorite bad guy is EJ Wells because he is so bad and so good at it. Not to mention that he's wicked sexy. Betsy from Brooklyn, NY

I am torn between Philip and EJ. Both have had redeeming qualities in the past and will again in the future. What makes them so attractive is that they long for love but feel the pull of their villainous fathers. They make bad choices but struggle for redemption. I will have to choose EJ because his crimes in the past have been more atrocious than Philip's. Bree Maher from Arizona

There are many to choose from, but the multi-dimensional E.J. has to be my pick. He seems in a constant battle between his evil genes inherited from his father and the good person he wants to be. He is capable of deep love but has that DiMera drive for power. He is a wonderfully written character, played so very well! Marie Lanier from Long Island, NY


My favorite "Bad Guy" is Nicole Walker. It is fun to watch her twist things and get herself into all kinds of trouble and then lie her way out. She is conniving, sneaky and a true joy to watch. I laugh at her antics, cry at her pity parties, and fume as she uses people to get her way. She is a very good actress and makes me feel like a part of the "Days Family". Sometimes she makes me want to give her a high five and other times I want to climb into the TV and choke her. I have been watching Days since the very first episode. I have seen actresses and actors come and go. But Nicole is definitely a KEEPER. Brenda T. from Greene County, Virginia


I think the #1 bad guy right now is Melanie. She is terrible!!! She set out to break up Max and Stephanie and then Stephanie and Philip. She wants Philip for herself. And she thinks she can stand up to the Kiriakis and the DiMera families??? She is out of her flipping mind. I just can't stand her, but on the other hand cannot wait to see what she does next! Stephanie from Indiana


I would have to say Kate is my favorite bad guy. She has manipulated her sons' lives to the extent that they are not happy or secure. She really has no life of her own unless it involves her family which makes her just so annoying. And through the years she has lied, cheated and deceived about two thirds of Salem! Sheila Lunan from Chemainus, BC, Canada

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