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^^Thanks for voting leah :wave:
Yea, I can't stand Philip/Stephanie together. I am a HUGE Phelle fan, so I'm picky about who they pair Philip up with. I just honestly think that Stephanie is the most sanctimonius, self-righteous character I have ever seen on this show! And i realize that some people don't like Philip/Melanie together, but for me they are exciting. I guess it's just the appeal of a bad-boy, bad-girl dynamic that I like with them. With Philip/ Melanie I know it is going to be entertaining, and have a sense of danger and spontaneity to them. They could be each others partner in crime, and I dig that! And I love that Melanie doesn't try to change Philip, and that is all that Stephanie does, try to change them. Then gets mad at him when he doesn't want to change. And I'm sick of the lather-rinse-repeat ad-nauseum with Philip/Stephanie.
LMAO at your mother,FF when Philip/Stephanie were on and wishing she could mute Stephanie and JUST watch Philip. Too damn funny...
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