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Apr 1 2009, 10:45 AM
Please link to DR.

Thaao Penghlis is interviewed in this week's SOD.

- Regarding the fact that Tony died, Thaao says, "I really believe that after the sixth death, it's a hostile act. I don't understand why this character has always got to be killed."

- Thaao says that "it's not the leaving" that's making him upset, since he has other projects in the works.

- He says he was "given some really interesting things to play" on Days recently, and "it's a pity that wasn't there before".

- Thaao was disappointed in how he heard the news that he was leaving. "Suddenly it was, 'We're getting rid of you again.'" He says there was "something missing" from how it was handled, and he was disappointed in the "top brass" with whom he's shared some nice moments over the years. But he says his choice was "to leave as well as I could and I think I did that."

- When he was lying the bed for Tony's last scene, he became emotional, because he says that he felt Deidre and Drake's presence, "how much they were part of the show and how well they kept the show going, those two". He was sad not to have them there during his final scenes.

- After Thaao taped his final scenes, he says, "I embraced my crew and left quietly." He was disappointed that Gary Tomlin wasn't there.

- He then discusses his Emmy prenomination. He says he wasn't submitted and that he paid money to submit himself "because I do have a show in the hospital that I thought was good." He says they then did a secret ballot with the cast and he got in. He is grateful for that and says, "If there are a few things I left with, this time, one was the support of the cast."

- SOD asks Thaao if he'd ever return to Days. He says that his upcoming projects are more exciting to him "because it means that it's progress and change", but he says regarding Days, "I like the character and I like the cast, so all I can say is that for now, Days is just a signpost for me in wherever else I'm moving on to."

Awww, what a great guy Thaao is, I could tell that the hospital scenes were emotional for him, since he had tears in his eyes, and that made me cry even harder... :frownie:

And I have never heard of anyone paying to be a pre-nominee, so the other times when he was pre-nomed, he really did deserve it!

What an amazingly talented actor he is...too bad he was wasted on such a pathetic show. :redface:

Gary Tomlin is a fucking asshole too.

:rockon: Thaao!
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