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- Thaao said he told Ken Corday that he thought it was "hostile" that Tony had been killed so many times and that Anna was not there to support Tony. Thaao said Corday "just put his head down and didn't look at me".

Wow, Corday is a pussy and a piece of shit, I hate him. How can he do this to an actor that has always come back everytime Corday had gone down on his knees and begged him? I would think that they were friends, and maybe they still are, but Thaao is more forgiving than me...if someone fired me so many times for so-called "creative decisions", I would never talk to them again, EVER, and I would tell them to go to hell the next time they'd ask me to come back and save their sinking ship of a show!

- Leann spoke about her favorite scene (of the current run, presumably): "when I came back last year and was wearing a green face mask." She was also asked about her first onscreen kiss: "It was about 25 years ago. I think it was when I drugged Thaao and married him and woke up with a smile on his face. Those were the days when they knew how to write."

You tell em Leann!

I'm glad Hogan recognized their existence, but he threw them under the bus sorta too...Anna's "one night stand" with Roman :puke: , finding the REAL Tony and not writing for them as a couple, what a total waste of both of their talents.

IF Thaao does ever come back, I hope Leann comes back too, so they could FINALLY get that front-burner SL that they deserved for the past two years.
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