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I've pretty much accepted they will be this short from now on. I keep hoping before summer they go back to between 25-30 seconds at least but I don't see it. I think the budget cuts played a role here because I remember when Passions had a massive cut their promos got cut down to around this length too. This also reminds me of 1999 when Days promos got really short all of a sudden for a little while. I have no idea why it happened but it did and it lasted for some time and it sucked. Then again, alot of the stuff during that period on the show was not very good (SSM's era) so it was ironic.

The good thing is the last few promos have been better put together and more focused. They did a good job using this one to begin the hype for the wedding. I think it will build some suspense and anticipation so that is a good thing. I just think the promo needs to be a little longer to have more impact but this is no bad. The stuff in it looks good. Can't wait for the buildup and for the wedding itself. Should be great and I'm looking forward to what the weeks to come, particularly May and the summer, will bring.
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