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Apr 5 2009, 08:01 AM
Apr 5 2009, 03:03 AM
I hope Alison is interviewed again and is asked this question. Id like to see her face when its suggested or asked if she enjoyed being Raped by EJ.

Frankly no matter what Sami came to feel for EJ in the year following his assault.. To imagine she enjoyed it is beyond .. well beyond my comprehension.
The only plausible explanation is that it was not rape in order to make every scene that has happened after to make sense. It does not make sense that Sami a women who already shot Alan in the groin when she was a teen and then acted this way with EJ in the aftermath as a grown women. She never acted afraid of EJ she actually started to lead him on, when she had the chance to kill him she couldn't and when it looked like she might have she tried to rush in to save him. She kissed him, she held his hand, she was alone with him time and time again. Again the only plausible explanation was it was not rape it was a deal that she made and was ashamed of. She wasn't afraid of EJ she was afraid of her feelings for EJ. She can't have fallen for him he is a DiMera, she is a Brady how could she love him? She has been fighting her feelings for EJ forever - that is what we have seen. It is more plausible that it was not rape that night - then it is plausible to think that Sami would have feelings for and make love to a man that raped her. IMO. Sami never acted like a rape victim her family never treated her as a rape victim. Marlena for goodness sake never suggested she get therapy to cope and deal with it. I guess you can focus on this one scene and forget every scene afterwards. I think it was a horribly written scene and storyline and the writers are the ones who should be ashamed because when you write a scene like this there should be NO question on whether it was or it wasn't - there should be no debate it should have been extremely clear and it wasn't and here we are years later having this debate.
:cheer: Awesome post,,I cannot agree more
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