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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Rafe tells Sami he's leaving!
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Apr 3 2009, 09:33 PM
For the record, when Jack raped Kayla, it was violent and she cried no over and over and fought against him as he held her down. And no, she would never have fallen for him as she was always in love with his brother, and only his brother.

Also for the record, from what I have read online, no EJAMI fans enjoyed the night of 12/29 either. I think most, if not all, were heartbroken at what was happening to the couple they had so enjoyed together 6 months earlier. I never thought they would have another chance together after that - that EJ did not deserve another chance, but over time and many sincere apologies, I started to feel like there could be EJAMI again. I'm not saying you or anyone else should feel that way, but that is the way I felt and still feel.

Sami forgave EJ for his actions because a.) she believed that he was truly sorry for taking advantage of her, b.) because he helped her mother get John back by going against Stephano, and c.) because she started to believe that he wasn't the same guy who "terrorized" her family.

She still remembered how he was and how they were together that first summer he came to Salem when no one wanted anything to do with her. He was really the first guy who wanted her just the way she was, faults and all.

I used to like Lucas and Sami and Lucas together, but got fed up when Lucas would constantly take his mother's side over hers. The final straw was when Lucas would not believe that she did not sleep with Brandon the night before they were to get married. From that point on, I have never thought that Lucas deserved her.

As for EJ trying to hold their marriage together or telling her she could not take Gianni away from her, I think EJ was trying to pull out all stops to keep the woman he loved and his child with him.

I don't think the EJAMI group is asking for those who hate EJ to like him or want him to be with Sami, I think they are just asking that the discussion move on to something else, instead of the same old rape discussion.

Just my two cents.
Fantastic post!!!You have my exact feelings..I actually tuned out after that episode.I just could not beleive it..then Ej started changing,and he saved Sami's life more than once from Andre,and I was reeled back in again..I have put that behind me,,in part because Samantha herself forgave Ej,and made passionate love to him,quite willingly to him..and nothing is going to change me mind.As for Rafe,the subject of this thread...not to be be ugly,,but GG is a subpar actor..and I just cannot get into his character,sorry.I would much rather watch Steve,or Tony,and even Drake,than this man..and thats my honest feelings about that..sorry if they seemn rude.I just do not enjoy his performances... :D
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