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Fantastic post!!!You have my exact feelings..I actually tuned out after that episode.I just could not beleive it..then Ej started changing,and he saved Sami's life more than once from Andre,and I was reeled back in again..I have put that behind me,,in part because Samantha herself forgave Ej,and made passionate love to him,quite willingly to him..and nothing is going to change me mind.As for Rafe,the subject of this thread...not to be be ugly,,but GG is a subpar actor..and I just cannot get into his character,sorry.I would much rather watch Steve,or Tony,and even Drake,than this man..and thats my honest feelings about that..sorry if they seemn rude.I just do not enjoy his performances... :D

I agree with you about Rafe. I like the guy, but can't get into him being with Ali. I would prefer to watch Lumi v. Ejami again. At least Lucas and EJ are worthy opponents. Both actors are good, and Ali just can't form the same connection with Galen. I know that she's friends with Galen, but she's still a Lumi fan, and sells Ejami really good. James is an awsome actor, and Galen just doesn't measure up. I could never root for Safe. I would have enjoyed them very much in a different setting, but not in a romantic one.
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