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Apr 4 2009, 11:24 PM
Apr 4 2009, 11:03 PM
I think my post had several items in it that needed explaining..funny how only one is chosen, and the explanation is just a reflection of general sami hate.
Actually, no, it's a reflection of what I've seen over the past couple years on my screen.

But, of course, you can't possibly be biased, at all.
Who ever said I was not biased? What is wrong with having a preference? Honestly, the grouchiness exhibited on this board is beyond the pale. My point was that I stated several instances shown on the show which shows that Sami has deep feelings for EJ. You chose one to refute. Your reasoning is based on Sami's past history. I do not agree with that argument either. And if I back up my bias with proof from the show, I think my bias is allowable.

Was Sami was always jealous of people her ex moved on with. Sure she was, for a time, but the great thing about Sami was she would often cut her losses and set her sights on someone else. Only in this case, EJ set his sights on her, and due to the FAMILIA thing going on, she went for Lucas, only to find she could not get EJ out of her mind. It was shown all through Hogan's writing, and it is in DH writing as well. I gave many instances that demonstrate what I said. But in case anyone missed some shows:

1. Sami told EJ she knew it was him that saved her life, not Lucas during the car scene where Andre was trying to gas her. Why tell him?

2. The steam room where he passed out and she gave him mouth to mouth turning it into a kiss..Why? She is excited by EJ, he turns her on.

3. The gassing scene in the PUb..she tells him she hates herself for it, but she does have feelings for him.

4. All the scenes of the safe house or the apartment: she inhales him when he hugged her..

5. The scenes where she kisses him to convince him to stay away from Nicole

6. The "napping" scenes

7. The scenes in the stairwell where he is unconscious and she tells him she cannot imagine her life without him.

8. The scene where she gives his ring back but admits he knows she has feelings for him

9. The scenes where she asks Roman and Marlena if it is right to live to someone you love to protect someone else you love..(ej vs baby)

10. And then of course, the scenes mentioned prior where she is worrying about him while in WP, morphing Nicole into herself in the engagement announcement..et al..

I think I have a right to my bias. The past couple of years have not shown Sami being jealous of anyone her ex moved on with. After Carrie, she moved on with Lucas..never heard her mention Carrie at all. Nicole? Well I think Nicole is more jealous of Sami than Vice Versa..Chloe? Again, I hear more of Chloe griping about Sami than Vice Versa.
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