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Apr 5 2009, 03:29 PM
If we look to the ratings for the week of Sydney's christening and the SAFE kiss (which was also the feature preview), the EJAMI interaction and christening was the most watched show of the week. The SAFE kiss episode was the lowest rated episode of that week. May mean nothing, but I tend to believe it does point to a bit of a lack of interest in the pairing. Well, I'm sure TPTB are watching the this type of rating performance.

I think they are building to a Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle and that they'll finally give EJAMI a shot. Whatever it was that happened to Rafe in the past that "won't happen again" is obviously going to happen again. When we know what this is, it may give us a few clues.

An EJAMI coupling will depend on how they write dark EJ, as what is evident from the last 6 pages or so, is it will be harder for an EJAMI pairing if the writers have EJ doing things that Sami will find hard to forgive. I'm hoopefulnthe writers ave learnt their lessons. I think they're going to push EJ to the edge and Sami is going to save him and he'll end up cutting ties with Stefano to be with her.
You Brits are so discerning! ITA with everything you wrote..it is going to be the ratings per episode that are watched carefully. RASA is not a couple that is going to make for excitement, and stories that keep you on the edge..any more than the LUMI stories did, except as they pertained to EJ !
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