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Full interview is at the link. Here's the DAYS-related stuff:

GM: Days of Our Lives, letís talk about that. How do you like working with Galen Gering (Rafe)?

AS: Oh, itís been so fun getting to know Galen. I mean, weíve known each other for nine years since he started Passions, and I get to see him longer than that now. And itís funny to have known him for so long through NBC events and stuff like that and then to all of a sudden be working together in a storyline. Itís been wonderful. I think heís a very talented actor. We have fun working together, and itís nice. Itís a new, different storyline for Sami.

GM: Heís caught on with a lot of fans, and many seem to be rooting for the pairing of Rafe and Sami.

AS: Safe?

GM: Yes!

AS: Yeah, itís been fun to see that reaction, to see people getting on board with that.

GM: And Dylan Patton, heís doing a great job as Will. How do you like working with him?

AS: Heís cute! Heís a good kid. Itís sort of overwhelming to me sometimes to realize my character has a sixteen-year-old, but I love working with him and itís been fun getting to know him and getting used to having Will on the canvas like that as a teenager, and in some ways I think a reflection of myself. You know I started when I was sixteen and itís so funny that I have that full circle feeling. But heís great, heís talented, heís fun to work with, and I enjoy the dynamics Sami has with Will, so weíve been having fun.

GM: And I saw that you mentioned so much awesome stuff is happening right now. Does that mean that Samiís going to try and stop the wedding between E.J. and Nicole?

AS: Oh yeah, itís very exciting! Thereís a lot of good stuff happening on the show and you couldnít imagine how this storyline is progressing with Nicole. Sheís got a lot to balance with all these secrets that sheís keeping and itís definitely a very tangled web. And Samiís got her own secrets, so itís definitely like I said...I donít know if I mentioned it in my blog, but what Ari (Zucker, Nicole) and I were talking about is that every person in the story, every character has such a strong motive of where theyíre coming from and such strong feelings about their side of the situation. So I think that makes it so compelling to tell and such a great, classic soap story and taking it in a really interesting direction. As a fan, you can imagine what emotional levels there are to every step of this story. From Samiís point of view, hopefully the truth coming out eventually and finding out that sheís still in love with this beautiful little girl Grace. I think there are so many beats to play out in the story and as actors we relish that opportunity. Even just the moment where Sami had to tell them that she had adopted a baby. You know from Samiís perspective the idea that the lie is so painful to her, but sheís doing it for the babyís benefit. So having E.J. be so nice to her all of a sudden, compassionate, and trying to help her and all that, itís just interesting.

GM: And it was so nice to see you working with Bryan (Dattilo, Lucas) again yesterday. I really miss seeing Lucas and Sami together.

AS: I do too! I am definitely a long-standing Lumi fan and I miss working with Bryan every day. He is so fun! I was in a scene the other day and looking around, like he and I have such a history together, for some inside joke and he wasnít on the set. Itís just strange when I donít get to work with him all the time.

GM: Is there any glimmer of hope for Lumi or it is pretty much over?

AS: You know, I do not believe in being hopeless. I think on this soap anything is possible, and I think that Lucas and Sami obviously have a history. We find that every time we work together there is so much past between them. I love the fact that she chose to confide in him and the fact that it was so painful for her to lie to him in the first place, to not tell him the truth about Grace. It speaks a lot about their history and their friendship.....their past is such a deep relationship and ultimately a friendship and a trust that they have with each other. No matter what they say, no matter what the words that are coming out of their mouths, thereís obviously a lot underneath it all. So I took that as a sign that, you know, never say never I guess is all I can say. Because ultimately, I donít write the show. I donít know where itís going. All I know is the scripts I hold in my hand.

GM: You just have chemistry with all the men.

AS: Oh, thank you! And the hard thing for me is that, I feel like itís hard for me to speak to it because I always want to make sure that I donít want to take away from the other storylines or relationships that Sami has on the show. And I donít want people to think I prefer one over the other or have favorites or whatever it is. I love walking in Samiís shoes, I mean she is certainly a lucky girl. They are all very good-looking, wonderful men, and Iím really lucky to work with all of them.

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