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Fight the real enemy, people! Dena Fucktard's psychiatrist. I am telling you Hackley has multiple personalities, seven at least, and she needs to be integrated. Do we have time for this? No! fire Higley. E.J. and Sammi had great chemistry since she opened the door and he was in a towel. they squandered it, foolishly, and now we get the occasional tease because there are so many Ejamis and Hackley knows it. She wants to string them along with hope. Rafe is dull and poorly written. She just keeps writing and trying to find chemistry somewhere. She has failed miserably with Stephanie and Phil, Lucas and Chloe, and Nicole and E.J. Even Bo and Hope are boring. I love Sammi and she is the reason I watch the show. But I liked her better when she was a devious little schemer. It might pick up when Sammi discovers that Nicole has her baby and she can't get her back unless she tells the truth. She won't do that, but will instead come up with some sort of plan. But until then there is always the ff button. By the way, when E.J. finds out about Nicole 's deception and Sammi's he is going to become pure evil. He is going to make Stephano look like a choir boy. So, I don't see a Sami & E.J. reunion in the future. Just two weepy women begging for forgiveness. Up your ass Higley, the shitfullness of your writing never ceases to amaze me.
And, I miss John. rant over. :angry:
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