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Apr 6 2009, 02:30 PM
Sounds like Wes Ramsey's supersecret role isn't that big.
Did you really think after weeks of secrecy and the fact that SOD just mentioned we will see him around but he will not fully be revealed for a few weeks that they would tell you in a casting blurb who the character was and what he would be doing?

Seriously, they are just giving out general information. Sure, he could end up being a bad character but I think the level of secrecy and the fact they are probably going to have him lurking around until what looks like the episode where he interacts with Philip and Stephanie means that he will have a big impact on someone or something.

This is just like what JER used to do with having characters mysteriously lurk for weeks and then we see them and have to figure out what exactly they are up to and who exactly they are. It will be awhile before we know the whole story with him and that is a good thing. It adds intrigue.

I really can't believe people expected more info then this considering how the situation has been handled thus far LOL. It's classic JER mystery person 101 :laugh: . This guy has not even appeared in spoilers despite his debut on air tomorrow. It's clear they are going to build the mystery and intrigue surrounding the character and slowly unveil who he is and what not so there is no way we are going to be fed much info about him right now.
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