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Apr 6 2009, 04:25 PM
Apr 6 2009, 04:19 PM
^Well, it's clear he is a Dimera operative tomorrow. He's on the phone with Stefano and is trying to infiltrate the Kiriakis mansion.
He could be a double agent also, couldn't he? He could have taken the job at the Kiriakis mansion in order to reel Stefano in. He could be affiliated with the FBI (and connected to Rafe somehow), I suppose.
I can see that.

My initial thinking was he was working for Victor and was maybe the one who could be poisoning Stefano. Now, we have him infiltrating the Kiriakis mansion. I could see him playing both sides and that is something Steve would do. Like cjknick, I can see him playing alot like Steve, which would be fun if he is involved with Stephanie. You would have that sense of danger and spontaneity, wondering what he would do next. Steve was very much like that when he first came on. You were always on edge with him. I think the double-agent angle would really make him similar to Steve because he was like that at times, especially when he first came on.
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