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So I just realized I was on #twitterthis afternoon while watching #DOOL, but I should share my thoughts on my blog too.

Some of the things that jumped out at me from today ep –

How cute are the twins who play Johnny? They are both so precocious, it’s adorable – sometimes when we’re shooting with them, we can hardly get a word in edgewise! In today’s ep, he turns to EJ and says “so, how was your work?” ha! Ben sometimes says stuff like that too – he says “so, how was your weekend?” on like Wednesday. Lol. Anyway, it’s adorable.

I’ve commented several times at how amazing James & Joe have both been in the ‘Tony’s death’ story line. They have truly done a remarkable job with the scenes I’ve seen. Today especially. At the end? When Joe was by himself on the pier? It was just so moving. What great work. And I was so affected in the scenes with James when EJ was talking about Tony not being around anymore, that the room seemed ‘empty’. You don’t get to see that side of EJ very often, it was a really lovely scene.

I also was surprised at the tag of the show. Ha! James snuck in a little ad-lib” “women”. Ha! He cracks me up. But such a great, real reaction right? From EJ’s point of view, Sami totally did a 180. Based on the tweet replies I received sounds like you all laughed too! James’ll love it.

Also, from last Friday – I SO flinched watching that flashback of Sami changing Will’s medical records. First of all, let’s talk about the hospital ‘security’… ha!… when we shot that scene I asked why not do a montage, including when she switched Belle’s test results too? Lol.

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