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Apr 6 2009, 09:01 PM
Is it just me or does Ali seem much more...POSITIVE or talkative about the show all of a sudden? For quite awhile now, like a few years or so, she hasn't uttered a mention of it in most blog posts...all TBL...but suddenly she's all into Days again...thats a good thing though, I am more into the show than I have been in forever.
I was going to say the same thing.

Basically, since Hogan began his run, she was quiet. I attributed alot of it to her being busy but she still had time to post about TBL and her personal life. I think she just hated what happened to her character and story. I mean, when she did talk about the show last spring she focused always on turning the character back to what she was. When Nicole returned, she kept pinning her hopes for bringing the Sami character back to form on Nicole and Sami going at it. I always hated her saying that because I felt she was begging for a regression in her character. Then, of course, the summer from backstage hell happened and we heard nothing from her at all, even in the mags.

It seems like when Tomlin came on not only did the show turn a corner but her character did. Even though the WP story was slow and dull at times, I think it helped the character of Sami immensely because it essentially took her out of action while also setting up story. It gave them a chance to bring Sami back to Salem with a fresh start in a way. They got her a way from Lucas and EJ and kind of calmed the Ejami and Lumi stuff down. Plus, she has a popular new pairing because of that story and they have brought her back to her scheming ways but it's not the same. She has reasons behind her scheming, reasons that aren't selfish. This is what many had wanted for years. Many wanted her to scheme but for the character to still have matured and I think we are seeing that. The flashback to her in the lab on Friday and the way in which she acknowledged having not learned from her past mistakes shows how she realizes what she is doing is wrong but she believes in her reasons for doing it.

As Mikegoldy said, Sami has a legit point of view again and I agree with that point. They have focused on her character and repairing her and, really, the only way they could've done that was to isolate her and take her away from Salem. Sami, Lucas, and EJ had kind of been in a "black hole" storywise and they were just going around and around in circles since early 2007. The cycle was broken and Ali's maternity leave actually turned into a blessing in disguise because it is what brought on the WP story and all the good it did. It also helps that Ali has stepped up her game acting-wise since Sami got back to Salem. Her best performance in years came two weeks ago when Sami and EJ argued after she announced she "adopted" Grace. Ali, James, and Ari rocked it and they all played off each other but Ali drove that scene. She had that fire again but she also showed many layers. I've always felt Ali is at her best as far as emotional scenes when the scene focuses on children so I think this baby story really plays perfectly for her because she can draw on her maternal emotions. I think she has been doing that since returning and it shows, especially since her best acting has come in scenes with her onscreen children or in scenes about her onscreen children.

I think she is very happy with the material and the story. I think the fact that TBL is winding down and that she's had the baby and things have calmed helps. Days is going on a two week break from taping so that helps her rest up a bit so she has time on her hands to post more and so on. Plus, this is her show now, essentially. Peter and Kristian may still be there but she is the centerpiece. She is the show's new "Deidre Hall," so to speak. She is known outside of Days, moreso then most, if not all, of the cast and gets alot of publicity. She has NBC's support because of her work on TBL. It's time she step up. She's always been a cheerleader and big show promoter in the past (up until the past few years, as I mentioned) and it's time she got back to that. She can use her popularity and recognition to help the show and she is starting to do that. I think she feels more comfortable doing that now that it's a few months after Drake., Dee, etc left and I think that the fact that the show is picking up steam and getting better and better has her excited. She's into the story and material and wants to get the public on board for the ride. I hope she continues to promote the show.

I think her hosting of TBL has helped the show alot since she started but I think it can help even more now that she is openly hyping Days more now. I hope she does more talk shows and interviews in People, EW, etc and mentions the show too. Whatever she can do...the more the better. That goes for anyone else that happens to do an interview, talk show, etc but she is likely to get more opportunities then anyone else would.
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