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I agree...it works.

It leaves it open for her to return and it doesn't damage her character at all. It also won't come off as hackneyed or rushed because it's her mother and she has to go be with her. It works on so many levels. The last two big exits (Tony and now Chelsea) have worked because the characters are actually getting an exit that has thought to it and that has some sort of purpose. The only way they could screw this up is if Kate doesn't really make mention of the situation but that would be more of an oversight then a huge screwup.

I have a feeling they feel she will be back though because this sort of exit is not exactly one that lends itself being long--term. That isn't to say she will be back but I think the show feels she will or they may have made sure the exit was something that setup her being gone for a long time. This comes off more like going off for a few months or something. Of course, they could always say she decided to stay with her mom like they did with Abby when she left in much the same way as this but they've set it up for her to be written right back in if she chooses to return.
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