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"Relax nobody's having sex.... at least not yet"

Apr 3 2009, 10:37 PM
Apr 2 2009, 08:51 PM
Maybe she is shooting up menopause drugs. Nobody, I mean nobody, could have worse ideas then her.
I'll take that challenge.

-Melanie one-ups Kate in their battle for Victor by revealing she's carrying his child
-She's not the only one in Salem visited by the stork- after a steamy night of passion with Rafe (to protect the secret about her child) and EJ (to get full custody of her son), Sami is shocked to learn that she's pregnant
-A devastated Bo leaves town after having a vision of Roman and Hope discussing their son...Shawn Douglas, while the real Roman and Hope rekindle their passion after getting trapped in a rainstorm
-Will and Stephanie share a tender moment
-Max helps Phillip recover after he's been shot 7 times by the Dimeras
-EJ is thrilled- and Nicole terrified- when his long-lost "mother" returns to Salem (Kristen, played by singer/actress Jessica Simpson)
-Stefano vows revenge when his "Princess of the Night" Chloe rejects him and turns to Brady

So, y'know, it could be done. :)


That was funny, and I would like to take that challenge as well.

As Chelsea prepares to leave to care for Billie, she and Max decide to have one more night of passion.....A few days later as she leaves she gets a call from Lexie telling her she's pregnant.

Stefano vows to get revenge on Victor for getting the last hot dog they had at the Pub.

Daniel decides he's in love with Mia after he finds out she might have cancer, and the Will/ Mia/ Daniel triangle begins!!!

Melanie tricks Abe into sleeping with her so she can scam the mayor into paying her and keeping what happened a secret, but then she finds out she's pregnant!!!

Bo has a vision of Hope shoplifting at the mall, but is scared to tell her because he doesn't want her to get hurt.

Stephanie wakes up drunk and naked next to EJ, and may be pregnant with his child.

Maggie has to fight the temptation when Caroline puts a move on her....will she turn to a woman since Mickey's been MIA for months????

There's a new serial rapist in town, could it be Lucas?!
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