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Red Mist
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So, Roman and Hope end up in a no tell motel......lovely. If Bo's vision is true then I will surely lose my vision if I don't turn off my television.

Melanie?...Honest moment here....I do not see the appeal of this character at all. Aside from the over acting....why is she still here? ....This thought brings me to max...isn't he leaving?...Is medical school his big send off?!.....Can he, please, take his sister with him?

I really hope this baby switch sl is over with soon....So Mia feels nothing for sydney....Yet, Sami feels something for Grace....So is DH saying only Sami can love other babies?...I sense more Bo like visions coming...Mia will figure this all out by the power of her motherly feelings. lol....Eat your heart out Sylvia Browne...Momma has the 6th like sense of a sea lion...My baby is sweet and flowery.

And finally, back to Melanie....My last and final thought on this.....Brady is going to so look like a pedo slipping the tongue to this little girl....Days you keep looking more and more like Passions....and No, that is not a good thing.

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