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Apr 7 2009, 04:41 PM
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Apr 7 2009, 02:48 PM
Max applying to medical school? Doesn't he have to go to college first?
Well, normally, yes. I suppose he went to college at the same time EJ was in law school at Oxbridge or Camford. I assume this is a way to explain his absence if and when DB is gone for long stretches or permanently, ready to return as Max Brady M.D. if necessary.
I'd buy that except I thought that during the whole Mad!Max storyline it was repeatedly stated that Max didn't go to college because he was just a blue-collar Brady who was supposed to work on the docks or at the Pub or whatever because that's what Brady's do instead of becoming Police Commanders and Police Commissioners, doctors, licensed counselors, or lawyers.
Ahh . . . see, those of us who FF'd with extreme prejudice the MadMaxMathemetician "story" didn't know that. Although I do remember thinking it was stupid he was going on and on about how blue collar the Bradys were and thinking that the other Bradys hadn't done so bad.
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