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I agree that there won't be much of a void left when Chelsea/Melvin leaves, but I think that the choice to isolate Chelsea in preparation for Melvin's possible departure was stupid because the character should be important. They went to all the trouble of reviving and SORAS-ing a fetus, they used her to kill the child of a supercouple, and it's kind of for nothing.

Also, at this point the only real veteran couple on the show is Bo/Hope, and their only kid is a toddler (um...at least right now). It's hard to find the right words, but...the only family that matters as family are the Kiriakis and Dimera clans, only because they're at war. And there aren't any females (in the family) involved directly, which I think is a bit bizarre. It feels like something is missing. Chelsea could potentially help alleviate that.
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