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Apr 7 2009, 02:24 PM
Apr 7 2009, 02:19 PM
Apr 7 2009, 02:08 PM

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I'm not sure what you're getting it. If you're implying that the interviewer asked AS about "Safe" and she was confused, that's not how it reads to me:

GM: Heís caught on with a lot of fans, and many seem to be rooting for the pairing of Rafe and Sami.

AS: Safe?

GM: Yes!

AS: Yeah, itís been fun to see that reaction, to see people getting on board with that.

AS is the one who brought up their couple nickname in response to the question about Sami and Rafe, and she also comments positively on fans' reaction to her new pairing. I know from long experience reading transcripts that the printed word often does not carry the same effect as a conversation one hears, lacking such conversational cues as smiles, laughs, frowns, winks, etc. It's why I make an effort not to joke when I'm questioning witnesses because sometimes the cold transcript can read very differently and in a way that is not intended. Given that AS followed up with the comment about people getting on board with Safe, along with the fact that she is the one who used the slang-y nickname, I doubt she was saying she couldn't imagine what the interviewer was talking about.
Dude, you are totally over-analyzing....no need to respond with long winded posts.
Its just something that made me laugh thats all. ;)
Paxyon is spot on though! I think it's cute that Ali already knows the name of the budding couple! :wub: And we can see from the other article at soaps.com that she's loving the new and 'maturing' direction for the Sami character.
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