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There is a really good interview with Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols about their dismissal from DAYS. They don't hold back which I can appreciate. Here are some their quotes:

Digest: Were you surprised to hear the characters were being written off?

Yes and no. Yes, because I was surprised that they allowed two of the most beloved characters in the history of the show to just fade into the background and then eventually away. No, because the support and story had not been there since Ed Scott [former co-executive producer] was let go which, by the way, was a huge mistake. Ed's departure sent morale on the set on a downward spiral.

How would you characterize you return in DAYS?

We had our moments and Hogan Sheffer [former head writer] was putting a lot of energy into us. Hogan did research and watched the early shows from our first run. He told Mary Beth and I that, to his eye, it was the best stuff ever on daytime. The trouble was, he was the only one doing the research. Writer's assistants were frequently coming to me and Mary Beth, asking us the history of the characters. You would think the show would have these things written down somewhere. Finally, I handed everyone beautifully packaged DVDs that our fans had put together of every episode we were ever in. I must say that the first story (the Ava story) Dena Higley [headwriter] was responsible for overseeing was great. After that, we were dropped like hot potatoes and once Ed scott was out of the picture, we were in trouble. He fought for us, I know that much.

Evans: I said to Ken, when it finally came down that we were going to let go. I said, "Thank you. I always wanted to come back. I always like to play the second chapter of these characters and I had a great time." I feel like it was a real win; I didn't leave there feeling like, "Oh God." Other times when I've left shows, I have felt so sad or anxious, but I didn't feel any of those feelings. It's been such a spin there for a while, with just so many people getting fired, and there was just so much going on that it was pretty stressful. Everybody cares about everybody there, it's like a family and to watch all your friends get laid off, it's really hard.
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