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Apr 8 2009, 11:02 PM
Once again I'm torn about SN and MBE. They really shouldn't have been brought back in the first place. They had been gone 16 years, hadn't been mentioned in years, and then one day, there they were again. Their return didn't support or advance story, like Hope's return did years ago, and when Peter Reckell returned. I think that was the true problem
Here was the problem IMO.

The idea to bring them back came when JER was still with the show. Around the time they first aired, word got out that he was out. I'm sure everything was being discussed so what should've been done was they either postponed the return or slowed down the story. Instead, they brought them both back anyway and went ahead with things. The problem was they were brought in during a period of turmoil. Just as their story was beginning we had the transition from JER to Beth Milstein and then we had the transition from Beth Milstein to Hogan getting his stuff off the ground. Then, Corday decided to destroy Hogan's plans by stupidly "experimenting" with the show by backburnering John/Marlena/Bo/Hope and other vets completely so Steve and Kayla had no one to really help their story along. By the time things started to improve, it was too late. So many fans were down on Steve and Kayla afterall the transitions and after isolating them from the characters who they should've been interacting with that it was hard to ever truly get them on board with them and it never did happen. They needed Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, and the other vets to help them be re-integrated to the canvas. People would've cared more about Steve and Kayla and their story if the other vets were more involved, like they were early on in Hogan's material and like they were once they started all interacting again.

The show screwed up and, ironically, the one who got it right completely was Higley. Hogan was good but it still never really came together. Higley really gave Steve and Kayla what could've been a strong story with the Ava story but it got dropped and that is what I find so funny about SN's comments. He praises Higley for the Ava story yet he thinks getting rid of Ed Scott was a mistake. Ed Scott was the reason that story fell apart and the reason why Ava got tossed in with J&M., which led to SN and MBE complaining about how it all ended. Right around the time the Ava stuff began to change rapidly (sorry but there is no way Joe Penny was only meant to be there a week) was around the time the show began to fall apart due to the backstage bullshit, which rightfully got Ed Scott fired. Now, Higley should be gone too and she is not absolved of anything but Ed Scott deserved to be fired. There were better ways of handling it and I'm not sure what is more disturbing...what Ed Scott actually did or the fact that so many people think the show was wrong to fire him. He broke the rules. He deserved it and the fact the show had already been under enough scrutiny with the WGA and so many others did not help matters. He had to go. Just look at how he has found no other work since. That shows the guy deserved what he got. If it was no big deal, he would be somewhere by now or working on something.

I can't wait to read the full interivew but this is interesting. MBE is classy as always and I can see how the situation was stressful. SN makes some good points and I do think Ed Scott stuck up for them alot. I'm sure morale did spiral downward after he left but it wasn't just Ed Scott. The show was in turmoil and no one knew if it was going to be renewed. Saying everything fell apart because of Ed is making him out to be a martyr and he is so far from that and this comes from someone who loves Ed. I think he is a talented guy but he got what he deserved.

Going back to the way Steve and Kayla returned, they really should've modeled it on Hope's return at Maison Blanche. First off, I would've had Steve and Kayla being mentioned for a few weeks to set the stage for their return. Then, I would bring Kayla back and work her into the canvas and reintegrate her. Get the audience to care for her and get to know Steve through her. Then, pull out the "Steve is alive" card. Hell, have him lurk as a mysterious figure for weeks and then reveal him. Then, have them find each other and play out his amnesia for as long as you can, just like what happened with Hope. This way, as Steve remembers and learns about his life, the audience does too. Once he gets his memory back and they reunite, then you can explore his missing years and even introduce perhaps someone Kayla dated or fell for in LA or something to keep them on the frontburner. There was so much story potential, if it all just came together right.
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