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Apr 8 2009, 11:59 PM
I think her breasts look fine. I think too many people are so used to fake boobs, those that would stand up against a nuclear bomb much less a little bit of gravity..
She looks like a perfectly normal 34 b or c cup.. Frankly boobs are not meant to stick straight out and AZ is not 20 years old anymore, she looks in great shape to me..I personally hate pushup bra's again they make your breast's look fake.
If your tits look more like *teets* then and only then seek help. *LOL*
:applause: So, so true. Natural breast do not hang in suspended animation like to round hard spheres made of stainless steel. Besides AZ's breast are not droopy or saggy here at all. They look more than fine. She is toned and tight, no back fat, rolls or muffin top, no droopy, saggy skin on her arms or legs or anywhere that I see. The girl is in shape. I don't love the dress, but she looks beautiful in it. So sad that most of this harsh criticism is coming from women.

My only criticism is with the styling of such beautiful women. I wish they would give Chloe a new look. How they manage to make such a naturally beautiful woman look such cheap and overdone on a consistent daily basis, I will never know. Just dialing down the makeup gun from whore would make a world of difference. I really hate the hair, the ton of makeup and the orange permatan. She doesn't need all that.
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