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Apr 9 2009, 07:48 AM
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Sheffer replaced several veteran DAYS writers with his ATWT buddies so he's not blameless in this area.

And I don't blame him one bit. A lot of the DAYS writers Hogan got rid of were from Reilly's writing team and they were very amateurish. The writers that had to go probably didn't get Hogan's material well, and Hogan saw that his material wouldn't make it onto the screen the way he wanted it to with those writers. So he brought in his own crew, and I still saw no big problem in the writing. I would say Hogan's writing team gave more nods to the history of the show than any other writing team I have seen thus far, INCLUDING Brash and Cwickly.
Sheffer's "nods" to history were of the superficial "look, we've done our research!" variety. They were inserted into the scripts but seldom integrated into the stories in a meaningful way.

I agree that JER's hacks had to go but others on the team (e.g. Brash, Geier, Milstein) had more extensive history with the show and would've been helpful to Sheffer. Appointing his BFF Meg Kelly as co-HW instead of Beth was a particulary dumb move. As shown by his ATWT and Y&R tenures, Sheffer works best when he has a strong partner who's familiar with the show.
As much as I love Hogan and the writers he brought in, I have to agree with this.

Yes, you had to get rid of some of JER's writers but people like Brash, Geier, Cwickly, and Milstein should not have went. They would've helped immensely and they all were very talented. Hell, 3 out of the 4 ended up on other soaps with MIlstein landing on Y&R. Geier was one of the best scriptwriters Days had at the time. They all had a long history with the show and, with the exception of Geier (who I felt could've made a capable co-HW at the very least), had been head writers for the show at some point. I always felt it was unfair to Milstein to get rid of her after she held the fort for Hogan and did such a wonderful job in her short-term time as interim HW. I just never understood giving the co-HW job to someone else, especially someone with no history on the show. I'm a firm believe that if the HW is new to the show, he should have as many writers who know the show and have history on the show on staff as possible. Beth would've been great with Hogan. This is why when Higley came on as co-HW, I actually liked the idea. Higley has a long history on the show and I actually think she can be ok as a co-HW. I just think when she is in total control is when she fumbles.

I remember complaining about the history mentions during Hogan's tenure. It was one of the few things I hated. It got better around Fall 2007 as history was used more in story then just tossed out there but what Ponz says is otherwise true. History references came off as thrown in just to show that the writers were doing their research and that they knew this and knew that. It almost came off as a bit standoff-ish and showy or like they were doing it more to prove a point rather then to enhance the stories and make them work.
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