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Apr 8 2009, 08:59 AM
Apr 8 2009, 08:52 AM
I think a disrupted wedding is a positive sign for EJ/Nicole or Sami/Rafe fans (sorry- I feel compelled to acknowledge them as two different people sometimes). Any couple truly meant to be can't get married without a hitch on the first try, and if they do you know it won't last.

Sounds pretty decent. Wish the hitman finished the job and shot Stefanie, too, but whatever works.[/quote]

Yes, yes, yes , kill the self-righteous bitch! :drunk:
you 2 are hilarious.then again my mom and i would be havin a pizza and beer party at 5 saying "WOOOHOOO STEPHANIE IS WRITTEN OFF!!!!!" then i would say "now if only ej and nicole were too" lol.that one was my opinon.lol that would be a fun party.KILL HER HITMAN U WERE TRAINED BY STEPHANO...oh wait the last hitman couldnt do it so what makes u think this one can? thats why he has to come back because he cant finish job! o'rale! :frustration:
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