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Apr 9 2009, 08:03 AM
My only criticism is with the styling of such beautiful women. I wish they would give Chloe a new look. How they manage to make such a naturally beautiful woman look such cheap and overdone on a consistent daily basis, I will never know. Just dialing down the makeup gun from whore would make a world of difference. I really hate the hair, the ton of makeup and the orange permatan. She doesn't need all that.
So true. I think the hair and makeup department take Dolly Parton's joke that there is no such thing as natural beauty a little too literally.

I think I could live with Chloe's permatan if the makeup was toned down by about 70%, or, alternatively, I could possibly live with the makeup if her skin tone approximated flesh. But the hair--the extensions, the black cherry highlights, the bump it--it all has to go.
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