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Mackie .. no offense but I cant agree about Nicole, But then some people, men and women like boobs that look like round balloons.
And a woman cant "change" the shape of *natural boobs* thats where the "Natural" comes in.
There is nothing wrong with the cut of the dress, Its halter style and I think she wears it well.

I will agree with everyone about Chloe, Although Im not sure its the make-up dept thats to blame.
She looks the same in everything she does. Infact my brother was watcing a movie last night she was in it and singing .. and POW .. eyemake-up nightmare. Its just how she likes to look I think, I have a friend who did the same thing, she was also dark and exotic, and was heavy on the shadow and eyeliner... I dont think Vhoe will ever change her look.. She likes it.
Also her hair .. those are not extensions. Totally real. She has **ALWAYS** had that hair its her signature look. Like it, Hate it .. its hers.

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