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She looks the same in everything she does. Infact my brother was watcing a movie last night she was in it and singing .. and POW .. eyemake-up nightmare. Its just how she likes to look I think, I have a friend who did the same thing, she was also dark and exotic, and was heavy on the shadow and eyeliner... I dont think Vhoe will ever change her look.. She likes it.
Also her hair .. those are not extensions. Totally real. She has **ALWAYS** had that hair its her signature look. Like it, Hate it .. its hers.
She did look pretty much the same in that gawdawful movie she did a few years ago, Redline. Also, from personal appearances, I agree that she does seem to prefer this look, which is sad. I still think she wears extensions though, just because of the varying lengths and texture is off towards the back. The long, long strands just don't seem fully integrated with her natural hair. The only way I could think to put this is that the fauxs hair just looks plunked in there. I don't doubt her own hair is long, but I don't believe it is all hers. JMHO as a hair weave and extension obesessed person. LOL!
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