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Nicole's long-awaited wedding to EJ arrives, but Sami and Mia have secrets that could destroy the big day, and they are both headed to the church.

"Nicole's praying to God that everybody shuts up, stays in their little corners, and doesn't come out to fight until after she's married," says Ari.

Nicole has run-ins with both Sami and Mia before the ceremony. She confronts Sami upon seeing her with Rafe when she recognizes Rafe as being the cable guy who infiltrated the DiMera mansion, she runs to tell EJ and Stefano about it. "EJ and Stefano are discussing canceling the wedding, because they think Nicole isn't loyal, when she rushes to them at top speed and says Sami is the real enemey," recounts Zucker.

EJ and Stefano realize it is true about Rafe when Mary confirms it. EJ admonishes Sami for having Rafe spy on his family and recommits to marrying Nicole. Sami vows to upset EJ's life with her baby secret.

After learning about Nicole's porn star past from Will, Mia confronts Nicole and insists on taking Sydney back. "Nicole tries to explain that she is not the same person anymore, that she's changed," says AZ. She tries to get Mia's sympathy and understanding. It doesn't work, so Nicole tells Mia she's going to go to jail for giving her baby away and that they'll take Sydney away from her. Mia agrees to keep quiet.

Then Brady professes his love to Nicole and begs her not to marry EJ. "Nicole is totally touched by this. She still has a huge place in her heart for Brady," admits Zucker. "But she tells him she's not the right woman for him."

Nicole heads to St. Lukes, optimistic that they will exchange "I do's". Then she sees Dr. Baker, and Chloe tells her Brady's there and determined to keep her from living a lie. Dr Baker reveals he just wants to watch Nicole cross the finish line and Nicole convinces herself that Brady is too good of a guy to stop the wedding.

The wedding begins and Nicole starts walking down the aisle towards EJ. "She really loves him, in a weird, obsessive kind of way," chuckles Zucker. "Nicole's worked so hard to get to where she is. She's determined to marry EJ."

Meanwhile, Sami is on her way to the church and determined to tell EJ the truth about Grace and Mia arrives just as the priest asks if anyone objects. Mia says, 'Wait!'", teases Zucker. Nicole sees her and wants to kill her. Nicole's gotten all the way to the altar with the man she has been trying to marry for months an now this little cockroach thinks she can stop it. Nicole is praying that Mia doesn't say anything about Sydney. All she wants to day is marry her man, call it a day and finally have the perfect family she thinks she is going to have. Will Mia let her?

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