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Thanks Angie!

1. Please let Rafe leave, we have enough another players for enough other triangles.
2. Kate is the devil. Leave Lucas and Chloe alone. They are growing on me.
3. Max could not get into med school. Did he even go to college? Please. What an insult to doctors everywhere.
4. Sami should be telling EJ that Grace is his child, not Lucas. Leave Lucas out of it he has enough trouble trying to keep his mother out of his business and his wife into his and only his business.
5. That hitman couldn't hit the side of a barn. He is literally the worst hitman in the history of the world. (with the exception of the mayor and Hilda)
6. Brady and Melanie kiss. Just when I thought this show was starting to get really
good. This couple is about as appealing as a case of the clap. :shame: :shame:
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