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Bo has another flash of Hope and Roman in bed, but this time he sees a dated newspaper on the nightstand. Is Bo relieved to know when it is happening or more stressed? Peter says Bo is like, "What the hell is going on? That's today!" Bo knows something is going to happen, but not when or why or how.

Bo wakes up and Hope is gone which makes him even more insecure and he can't find her. Eventually he learns she is on a stakeout with Roman, but the police have no communication with them and their location has changed. It turns out that they are in a motel room after a drug dealer they were following spots them. They call for backup. "Bo takes off, but you don't see where he is going," says PR.

Meanwhile, Hope and Roman brace themselves as they see the doorknob to their room turn. They get their guns out and point them at the door. Bo bursts in. He isn't sure what is going on, but he has his gun out too.

They are not in bed, but the bed's messy and Hope is in a robe. Bo makes a sarcastic comment and Roman is oblivious. Since Bo has already taken down the bad guys Hope and Roman were worried about offcamera, Roman leaves and Bo is alone with Hope.

Hope explains that she spilled coffee on herself and that is why she is wearing a robe. Bo sees the newspaper he saw in the vision and puts three and three together. He realizes this is what the vision was all about; Roman and Hope on a stakeout in a motel room.

SOW asks Peter if this will make Bo not take his visions so literally from now on. Peter says that "Bo realizes his visions need to really be taken apart and investigated. They have to be interpreted a little."
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