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Apr 10 2009, 12:18 AM
This is excellent news...No more incestuous relationships..
Isn't it sad that it takes Darin leaving the show to put an end to that?

I like Darin. I think he is talented and I think there was still lots to be done with the character but I'm so down on him that this won't even bother me. Same goes for Rachel Melvin. Love them both but I will barely notice they are gone.

A few years ago, Darin had the potential to be great. The next hero of Days. Now he's just...there. However, too many writing regimes with a different vision for him and the fact that any love interests he had outside of his nieces left the show hurt him big time. The show also had a chance to really develop the character last year but never fully committed to it.

Now I sense Darin trying to compensate by acting goofy or just plain overacting because I think he senses the character is in a rut. Plus, the pairing him once again with Chelsea, while cute at first, really just went nowhere and not just because the show dragged it's feet with it due to the status of the actors. It was doing nothing for either character and, in a way, it's best that at least one of them is leaving right now. I think both Chelsea and Max have stagnated a bit and I love both actors but the fact they are both leaving does not bother me at all.

I guess part of me is shocked because they are essentially letting the whole college scene go. They only have Stephanie left from that group now and Corday felt they were the future. You could tell Darin was well-liked too (and you know Corday hated seeing an Emmy-nominated young actor go) so I'm kind of shocked they aren't at least going with letting him do two jobs and then seeing what happens but, perhaps, the scheduling doesn't work and Days had plans to use him alot so it just wouldn't work. I'm guessing this saves Corday money and allows him to bring in someone else cheaper if he chooses.

I hope he exits on his own. Let Chelsea and Max go their separate ways because both characters need a break. I hope they come back someday with a renewed vision. They both are shells of who they are and that is because they both just ended up boxed into a corner so this really could be a good thing for the characters and for the show since they were not much of a presence in recent months so their exits won't be felt very much. I just worry about Melanie and Stephanie but Melanie does have the Maggie relationship. Stephanie will have no friends to talk to LOL. They really should bring someone on. Now is the perfect time to bring on some people like Jeremy Horton, Andrew Donovan, Jeannie Donovan, Sarah Horton, etc. The show needs new characters but a few names from the past would be good too. This really is the perfect change to rebuild the Horton's a bit too.

I'm guessing as the rumors stated that Wes Ramsey will see more airtime as a result of this. I'm guessing they will throw him at Arianna now? That is what I hate about this. We may end up having a pairing of two newcomers together, which would be hard to enjoy. The show has been doing so well the past few months because the long-term plans have not seen much in the way of problems or diversions and now we have one. I just hope Darin leaving doesn't screw up the long-term plans in any way. I don't expect his or Rachel's leaving to impact much but it could change a few things around, especially with the new Arianna character.

It's also funny, too, that one of SOD's headlines finally meant something. We all thought Darin going was a misleading headline and that he was just going off temporarily but I guess, for once, SOD got it right.

Well, I will miss Darin and hope the show does well. I will always wish things could've turned out differently for his character.
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