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I don't think this will be anti-climactic at all.

Since Tomlin came on, the intensity and drama has been amplified. They are making big deals out of every little thing they can.

Now, that is not to say they won't get married. A part of me thinks they will or this wedding may not happen and will lead to an even bigger wedding later on. I'm on the fence with this.

On one hand, I kind of want the story to go on and build up some more. My feeling was that the wedding would arrive around mid-late June and then the show could use it to start the summer with a big bang. However, I see the reasoning in this too. April is usually a horrible month rating-wise for Days. It's the month that usually sets the show back after a solid first 3 months so putting the wedding in the middle of the month and having so much going on as we approach sweeps is probably a good thing and could lead to major numbers should Days continue to maintain or increase. Of course, Days has to have equally great stuff lined up for sweeps (which I think they will since the current regime seems to care about sweeps). if Days can have a great April and an equally great May, it could really make waves creatively and numbers-wise this summer.

Back to the story though. On the other hand, this story has set the stage for so many different angles of fallout that I can't wait to get to all of it so the idea that it could be coming now on the back edge of this wedding drama has me excited. However, I do think they can build and setup the fallout even more so, again, I'm cool either way. I just don't want them to rush through this. They can and should milk it all for everything it's worth since they put so much work and effort into this story.

This does sound good. The next few weeks sound utterly fantastic and that says alot because the past few weeks have been fantastic. The show is really rolling.
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