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Apr 9 2009, 10:30 PM
I'm telling y'all, it's a brilliant plan by Dena and Co. They can J&M, S&K, and Tanna but keep Bope as the token "supercouple" to appease at least some folks. But they don't really want to have to give them storylines or listen to people bitch about Bope being reduced to supporting characters, so they give them the most ridiculously contrived storyline in the history of ridiculously contrived storylines. They throw in Roman and the vomit inducing visions of Hope and Roman in bed together so that the audience is begging the show to just stop the madness. Then they give a ridiculous ending to the ridiculous storyline and everybody is so happy that this crap is over that they give a big sigh of relief when the writers put Bope in supporting cop mode again and give them nothing approaching an actual storyline again. It's utterly brilliant.
That is a pretty damn good theory LOL.

Just for the record, I've felt since day one this story is all Tomlin and Whitesell. My issue is that, assuming your theory is correct or close to being correct, why bother? I mean, Bo and Hope have essentially been supporting characters through this visions story. They were supporting characters in the Fall and for most of 2007 too. I think many are already used to it and can deal with them being nothing more then cops. I think many are used to the kind of airtime they will get now, at least I think that is the case.

See, I think Tomlin and Whitesell wanted something campy and that brought the "out there" feel back to Days that it had in the 90's. I think they went with this story because it accomplishes two things. First, it gives them away to build suspense and anticipation through Bo's visions. It keeps the viewer guessing what may happen or when what is in the vision will happen and how and why it will happen. Second, it gives the only long-time supercouple left a story. It gets fans of the vets off their backs and appeals to them and it also serves a purpose in helping them build up suspense and anticipation for the other stories.

The thing I struggle with as far as the story goes is where they are going with this? Everything else on the show has a plan. You can see that. What is the plan here? There clearly is one or else why have this still going on nearly five months later? They are not dropping it and the story seems to keep evolving into something else. Now it's about Bo learning that his visions need to be interpreted, which actually is what Corday hinted at. He pointed out Bo's visions always weren't what they seemed.

I was ok with this story early on because they focused on the affect the visions had on Bo. They had him talking to Hope about it all and he was tormented. The story just got derailed for me after Kayla was shot and we got a month-long Bope separation that accomplished nothing, which is sad because they could've played off of the fact that they reunited so quickly in 2006 that they could've still had issues relating to Zack's death and the aftermath. Now, this recent twist with Roman intrigued me because I wondered WTF was going on but that ends up going nowhere too. It came off as just tossing Josh Taylor, who has done nothing in years, something to do for a bit. I just want some indication of the overall plan here because there is one. I'm just losing patience waiting to get to it. I understand the story won't be frontburner or get as much play as others but they need to give us something to grasp on to so we have some idea where this is all going.

The good thing is the Roman/Hope stuff is over and we hopefully never have to see them in bed together again LOL. Although, I have to say, it was nice that we didn't see the vision of them too much since the story did not get alot of focus over the past few weeks. After this week, hopefully the Roman/Hope vision is retired, never to be seen again LOL.
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