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Apr 9 2009, 12:34 AM
Apr 9 2009, 12:32 AM
Higley really gave Steve and Kayla what could've been a strong story with the Ava story but it got dropped and that is what I find so funny about SN's comments. He praises Higley for the Ava story yet he thinks getting rid of Ed Scott was a mistake. Ed Scott was the reason that story fell apart and the reason why Ava got tossed in with J&M., which led to SN and MBE complaining about how it all ended.
I think Stephen Nichols meant that Ed Scott's departure was a bad thing for the show. I don't think he was speaking in terms of just Steve and Kayla's story, but cast morale and the overall quality of the show when Ed was fired.
This just confirms what I have suspected since the return of Higley and especially since the firing of Ed Scott. To wit: Working for these nitwits must be a living hell. It is a tribute to their professionalism that they can even say their lines with a straight face. What a freaking mess they have made out of a great soap opera. I don't blame Rachel Melvin for leaving on her own. Why wait? And these assistant writers who don't know rthe history of the characters! Why should they when Higley doesn't bother. Everything tric\kles down from the top. Poor management. It is such a shame. :shame:
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