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Apr 9 2009, 06:30 PM
Apr 9 2009, 06:25 PM
I will miss Darin and I wish nothing but good things for him. But, it was time for Max to go. Much like Rex and Eric before him, the writers never got a handle on a character, played by an actor who will most likely do well outside of soaps. Now is the time to bring back Jeremy Horton; do you hear me writers? :)
You liked Jeremy Horton? I thought I was the only one. They cut him right when they were giving him depth. At least with him I didn't hate Stephanie so much.
I thought Jeremy Horton was pretty interesting. I had no issues with Jeremy Horton being the son of two successful doctors and feeling a bit elitist and taking shortcuts in life though it was so absurd that 3 people from 3 different core Salem families wind up becoming friends in Ohio. I was actually quite interested when they chose to give him an abusive edge and would have been fascinating to dive into Stephanie following her grandmother's path and then Steve realizing that while his very own relationship with his daughter is estranged. But they dropped that.

Then when they had him move in with Nick and they had the odd couple thing going on, that was pretty good. But of course, they dropped him fairly soon.

Max was the biggest disappointment to me when I tuned into the show in 2006 and I can count on one hand where I enjoyed watching DB's performance (and none of those happening anytime in the last year). I can't believe the show was not only allowing him to have free reign to date his nieces but they were acting like this average looking guy was Mr. Casanova. Then they had him go through so many changes he's really quite a joke IMO. Still can't believe they kept him and let BB go but obviously I'm biased.
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