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I'm a Brooks fan and a Max fan, so of course I think that this was a mistake on the show's part. I believe that Brooks had the talent, if only he was given consistent material. So many fans pointed out the different identities of Max and that really hurt the character. Also, no one liked the fact that he was dating his nieces. Blood or no blood, Max is a Brady, as are Stephanie and Chelsea. They're related! Many found Max the most enjoyable while he was with Mimi and then Abby. That's not just a coincidence.

If you would have asked me two and a half years ago when the younger set consisted of Max, Abby, Chelsea, Nick and Stephanie, who would still be here in 2009. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that Stephanie would be the one that remained out of the five of them. Shocker! And now, they only have Stephanie in that age range, who is the only one established to a family in Salem. And what do they do? Bring on already established characters like Jeremy Horton, Andrew and Jeannie Donovan, Sarah Horton? Hell no! They bring on two entirely new characters (Owen and Arianna). Why couldn't Wes Ramsey have been Jeremy or Andrew? Why couldn't the woman playing Arianna been cast as Jeannie or Sarah? What is this show smoking? Do they not realize that no one is going to give a damn about Owen and Arianna's relationship because they're two new characters that we don't give a fuck about!

Oh well. I hope Brooks is successful in whatever he does post-DAYS. Their loss.
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