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Apr 10 2009, 03:51 PM
Apr 10 2009, 01:12 PM
And I'm happy to see the villains of the week routine has returned. Roman and Hope are after these bad drug dealers that we have no idea about. Couldn't they have at least tied it into the DiMera/Kiriakis war storyline? No. That would call for real writers to plan out a story and see where the stories could intertwine. That's too much for them I guess.
It would have been exceedingly easy.

Bo could've seen Tony die- but do you tell the Dimeras? Do they listen? If they don't, do they come back after and say that your warning was a threat?

Bo could've seen Phillip get shot.

No thinking or planning involved. But then I guess you would have to remember that Bo is technically part of the Kiriakis family so he could plausibly participate in the ridiculously stupid war over a formula held hostage by a deranged teenager.

Bright side: as long as they're isolated like this there's less chance that they'll be written off in an irritating way. I mean, you know the minute they get involved with the Dimeras one of them is going to be shot and the other leaves town in tears, or Ciara gets killed on a play date with Theo or some shit and they leave town to grieve. Or Bo would end up fucking Melanie- 'cause I think part of the isolation is that they know Bo and Hope can't play in a real love triangle (maybe the Rope visions were a test). Would anyone rather have that?
But why is the only option for a storyline a triangle? That's been done to death with Bo and Hope. There are a ton of other stories they could do for them that doesn't involve an interloper. They used to interact with other chracters all the time and it didn't revolve around third parties.

Dena just isn't creative enough to come up with a good story for them.
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