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Apr 11 2009, 08:56 AM
You ask why Wes Ramsey couldn´t be Jeremy or Andrew. Well, maybe because they are not needed? Jeremy or Andrew would replace Max as the town´s good guy and then what? The show didn´t know what to do with Max, why you believe they would know what to do with Jeremy or Andrew? And wasn´t a big problem of this show for the last decade Corday´s never ending attempts to bring back more and more so called established characters when there was no story for them?
I think these are good points. I never had any interest in Ramsey's character being a recast of someone. We need more unrelated people in town. I don't want a town that has nobody but Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras and Kirakises.

Though I did like Jeremy. At first I HATED him, but both the character and the actor grew on me when they had him acting semi-abusive to Stephanie (and not because I don't like Stepanie, lol, it just made him more interesting). They could have gone somewhere with that, but of course, didn't.
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