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Apr 11 2009, 01:10 AM
Apr 10 2009, 11:07 AM
This sounds pretty good, except for the Sami part. Sami really needs to get over losing one of her unwanted toys to someone who will actually play with it.
I know Ari will kill this. I can see the tension on her face already. I actually look forward to seeing this simply for the acting.
Unwanted toys?? Nicole doesn't want shit to do with any babies especially one that is "not hers" She WANTS a baby to keep EJ!! Nicole isn't ever going to conceive a child and I hope you can accept that.
Nicole wants EJ whatever the cost and if the last couple of months haven't brought you up to speed on that who the heck am I to tell you. Your infatuation with Nicole is honorable but misunderstood by me I assure you.
I cannot believe that people are still shitting on Sami, if my baby's father were EJ and his grandfather Steffie, you can bet I would be doing the same thing. What is Nicole's excuse? That she was a pathetic whoring drunk that was living in a motel and had to snag EJ because he was Sami's at the time? (if Sami wanted him or not?)
You tell me one good thing that Nicole has done for ANYONE on this soap and I will eat my damn words K?
And telling the truth about Tony's death doesn't count cuz that was self serving.
Hey settle down there, I wasn't referring to the babies. I was referring to EJ, because Sami treats him like an unwanted toy that no one else is allowed to play with. Oh, and I am a Sami fan as much as I am a Nicole fan.
I'm not going to justify the rest of your post with a response because your rant is unwarranted since you completely misunderstood my post to begin with. :wave:
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