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Monday, April 13th
EJ confronts Sami about Rafe spying on his family; Mia learns about Nicole's past from Will; Melanie gets caught pulling a scam at the Java Café, but is saved by Brady.

Tuesday, April 14th
Mia tells Nicole she wants Sydney back; Hope and Roman go on a stakeout at a motel; Kate insists Chloe meet with her because she has a surprise; Kate's assistant alerts her of a crisis.

Wednesday, April 15th
Brady tries to persuade Nicole not to marry EJ; Chelsea finds out that Max is applying to medical school; Hope and Roman get trapped in a motel room; a new waitress named Arianna begins working at the Brady Pub.

Thursday, April 16th
Sami tells Lucas Grace is EJ's child and that she's going to tell EJ; Stephanie finds a creative way to get Philip's attention; Brady pulls away from Melanie's kiss; the bracelet Chloe gives Nicole breaks.

Friday, April 17th
Philip and Stephanie make love; EJ and Stefano put a hit man on Philip's trail; Nicole and EJ's wedding day arrives, and Nicole sees some unexpected faces.
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