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Apr 11 2009, 08:56 AM
Apr 10 2009, 01:01 PM
If you would have asked me two and a half years ago when the younger set consisted of Max, Abby, Chelsea, Nick and Stephanie, who would still be here in 2009. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that Stephanie would be the one that remained out of the five of them. Shocker! And now, they only have Stephanie in that age range, who is the only one established to a family in Salem. And what do they do? Bring on already established characters like Jeremy Horton, Andrew and Jeannie Donovan, Sarah Horton? Hell no! They bring on two entirely new characters (Owen and Arianna). Why couldn't Wes Ramsey have been Jeremy or Andrew? Why couldn't the woman playing Arianna been cast as Jeannie or Sarah? What is this show smoking? Do they not realize that no one is going to give a damn about Owen and Arianna's relationship because they're two new characters that we don't give a fuck about!

People needs to face the fact the days when every character had a huge family circle around them is gone. DAYS is now more in the MP grounds where every character is on his own with Maggie and sometime Caroline working as the universal grandmas, giving wise advices to anyone no matter if they are related or not. Itīs not ideal, but I think if we learned something from the Jeremy/Jett fiasco itīs that name means nothing. Newbie is still just a newbie and there is always a strong resentment against them no matter if they are connected or not. Much more important is if the character fits and if there is a place for him in the dynamics of the story/relationship/age group he should be part of.

You ask why Wes Ramsey couldnīt be Jeremy or Andrew. Well, maybe because they are not needed? Jeremy or Andrew would replace Max as the townīs good guy and then what? The show didnīt know what to do with Max, why you believe they would know what to do with Jeremy or Andrew? And wasnīt a big problem of this show for the last decade Cordayīs never ending attempts to bring back more and more so called established characters when there was no story for them?

I mean, I think bringing in someone who is related to Rafe is a very good move because he needs someone and while I donīt mind sister Agnes/Theresa as his parent/confidant figures, they are just dayplayers and soon or later will be gone. And we donīt know anything about Wes Ramsey character yet, except he is very smart and has apparently some history with Stephano (who paid for his schooling???). I doubt Oven is his real name anyway, itīs probably just the name of a gardener he pretends to be.

Anyway, I think the good way how to create/ bring back characters is to have a story for them first and next look who from past could fit in the part. And if there is someone great, letīs use him rather then create a totally blank new character. But please, no more bringing people back just so the show can brag about it.

Fantastic post.

I will say I would not mind bringing on some young Horton's but, as much as I've always wanted Andrew and Jeannie Donovan, that would be bad idea. First off, then you would have to deal with the elephant in the room that is Kim and Shane. Second, who could you pair them with? They are Brady's. You would have the same issues you had with Max and then the show would have to bring on another new newcomer or two for them to have people to interact with or possibly be paired with rather then just bringing on new new characters with no ties that you can toss anywhere.

Having said that, we don't even know who Arianna or Owen will be or if those are even their real names. They very well could end up having ties to the canvas. Hell, wasn't the Arianna role the same one from the casting call for "Philip"s sister" that we all discussed on the board a month or so ago? If that is the case, then she would have a major tie to the show. The other thing to is that you could tell Arianna was for Max because they made a big deal out of her working at the Pub and Corday said they were bringing someone on for him.

As long as the show doesn't go crazy of new people, it's fine. Also, the one thing this regime has done is integrate characters slowly. Rafe, Brady, Mia, and Will all have been integrated very well without really being shoved in the audience's faces so I feel good about things as long as that continues.
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