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This is the ONE story on Days right now that I absolutely loathe.

With both Max and Chelsea both gone now, this is the one story that pretty much doesn't tie into the rest of the show...and thats fine, but with such a small cast, it feels weird. But thats not the main reason I hate it.....unless they are leading up to something like Phoenix may have suggested, it feelsl ike that this story is just there for the sake of throwing the last supercouple on the show a bone.

It just feels like some random story thats there for the show to say they are giving their vets a story. I mean I think Maggie, Victor, Stefano, and Kate(well the latter two have stories) get better material than this, and they don't even have their own stories. I mean, there is no rhythm to any of the visions...the only one that really tied into anything significant was Hope shooting Kayla.

If this Roman/Hope thing does lead to something, then good! But it just feels like instead of the villian of the week, we get the vision of the week, even if Higley's not behind it. If the story wanted to build up to Hope not being Hope like somen have speculated, they should have had Hope acting odd awhile back, and have Bo's visions involve that and gradually lead up to it, with maybe another vision here or there...instead it just feels like this was sort of randomly thrown in, though I doubt the vision really is how it sounds.
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